An Introduction To Kathrine's Practice

Your symptoms…

 • aches, pains, ongoing health issues

 • mental struggles within, sapping your energy

 • emotional reactions that aren’t ‘right’ anymore

…are found in your body.


But what if they’re also messages that something’s not right in your life?

What if they’re clear messages that change is needed?


EVERYTHING going on in your life can be found within  your body, it can be decoded, and it can be healed… On ALL levels


As well as Kathrine's Transformational Bodywork Sessions, she offers non-manipulative Chiropracic Care based on the body's Sacred Geometry .



A Spiritual Perspective in a Physical World

I see the human body as a wondrous vehicle for the expression of your soul. Every nuance - be it physical symptoms, biochemical changes, emotions, or mental patterning...EVERYTHING is a form of communication of your soul.


The aim of each session is to recognise where you are in this moment, decipher the messages from your soul, then enable you to take the next step in your journey. This might be learning how to release stress. This will commonly range from needing to fully experience a symptom or emotion in order to move ‘through’ it, to releasing a symptom or emotional ‘baggage’. From recognising how isolated you, or a body part is, to connecting to the divine within you or expanding to a greater consciousness.

Along the way, you will usually experience decreased pain and symptoms, increased movement and energy. You will usually gain more clarity and peace. Your relationship with your body can grow until you know why you have a symptom, what is behind it, and what needs to be done about it…your body constantly and consistently be becoming more finely-tuned, more efficient. This will show in how your organs function, in how you relate to others, in how you run your life. Decreased allergies, depression, digestive problems, anxiety, pain, and fear will open you to new possibilities. Increased vitality, concentration, metabolism, awareness will change the way you relate to yourself and the people around you.

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