The Heart of the Family

A 2 month Journey Empowering Mothers to Awaken

How do you shape your family from the most conscious, loving state possible?

It all starts with you…


If you’re often in overwhelm it’s actually a sign of deep sensitivity and connection that you haven’t been focusing on. Looking like you’re handling things versus truly aligning inside are 2 completely different states. And you KNOW that already. To find your flow you must change your inner environment. Sometimes we think it’s selfish to take care of ourselves, but it’s in fact the most SELFLESS act! WHO YOU ARE will unfailingly create your family dynamic. You are the HEART of the Family.


you’re wanting to live in absolute joy, freedom, and bliss EVERY DAY

you’re brave enough to go within in order to change without

your beautiful divine self is calling your heart to make change NOW

you’re ready to own the power from ripples of change you make to echo out to your family, your community, and create healing waves though the world

you would do ANYTHING to help your children and family

you know all the answers lie deep within you but can’t quite access them


… then you’re in the right place!


I’m calling in 10 women to begin this incredible journey with me.

This 2 month Heart Of The Family journey includes:

  • 1 x 30 minute community call a week (access live or recorded).
  • 1 Guided Meditation call a week (access live or recorded).
  • Access to a community of Lightwalker Mothers all walking a similar path in our Private Facebook Group.
  • 2 Half Day Retreats on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for deep healing and connection ( May 7th and June 4th).
  • Powerful and truly transformative spiritual processes accessing subtle energies.
  • Accessing and harnessing support and nurture from the divine.
  • Stepping into the heart-centred and intuitive way to mother.
  • The art of tuning in to your children's energy fields, patterning, and behaviour.
  • Knowing how to deeply listen, despite the chaos.

Imagine yourself as the Heart of the family. Such joy and vibrancy in your everyday life! You are filled with light, abundant love, whole and complete. So empowered through your spiritual practices that your entire family is ascending with you. Holding the space for your incredibly evolved children to shine. Breaking through illusions, negative beliefs, family patterning and releasing their hold on your entire being forever. Awakening to your divine calling as a MOTHER…

The HEAR T  of the Family.

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